Ninh Chu Beach in Ninh Thuan Vietnam

  Located about 5 km south of Phan Rang, Ninh Thuan province of Vietnam, Ninh Chu beach is considered as one of the 10 most beautiful beaches of Vietnam . Ninh Thuan province in Central Vietnam has many beautiful beaches, among which Ninh Chu with about more than 10-km length and the shape of a nice crescent is one of the most beautiful one. It is located in Binh Son, Van Hai commune, Ninh Thuan province, and is also one of the best beaches in the Central of Vietnam for tourist, who love to explore an extremely different landscape. What is the Highlights of Ninh Chu Beach in Ninh Thuan? The sand of Ninh Chu Beach is yellowish, clean and fine. The beach features special crescent  shape, with a very clean and charming ocean. The original beauty of the beach is not for a hurry trip but carefree one, so as to enjoy the fresh air of the ocean area. Entertaining yourself freely in the cool breeze and blue water, enjoying purple sunset on the long sandal slopes. S